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KOPYKAKE 300XK Opaque Image Art Projector w/ Table Clamp

Opaque Image Projector 300XK with Table Clamp. Scetch your Photos and Images Fast!
List Price: $225.00
Your Price: $212.00
Manufacturer: Mfg by: Kopykake
Manufacturer Part No: 300XK-C
Kopykake 300XK Opaque Art Projector
Order the 300XK with Table Clamp 300XK Features:
Versatile: Vertical or Horizontal Operation
Originals: Accepts Photos / Images up to 6" x 6"
Illumination: 250W Color Corrected Photolamp
Enlargement: 300% Vertical and 2,500% Horizontal
Reduction: 70% Vertical and Horizontal
Order the 300XK with Table Clamp
The 300XK offers outstanding value for money and is one of the most versatile and best selling drawing projectors ever produced.

Optional 600% Verticle Enlargement:Enlarge your 4"x6" photos or pictures up to a massive 600% (24"x36") with the Extension Tube accessory (See Accessory Table Below)

Horiziontal Operation:For larger projections, simply take the projector off its stand and project against your easel mounted canvas, wall or any other media you desire to project the image upon.

Optional 50% Reduction:Reduction of 70% the original image with the standard lens or you can reduce your original image down to 50% with the Reduction Lens (See Accessory Table Below).

Multiple Uses:A terrific tool for artists, sign painters, window painting, architects, animators and cake decorators.

Ease of Use:The 300XK is very simple to use by simply inserting your original image (max 6”x6”) size as required, focus with ease and outline your image in minutes.

Base Board Model: Choose the 300XK Projector with a Baseboard rather than the Table Clamp for the same price. (See Item Below)

Kopykake 300XK Opaque Art Projector Accessories
300XK Extension Tube 300XK Extension Tube:
Increase the Verticle Image Enlargement up to 600%
Add to Order
300XK Photo Lamp 300XK Spare Lamp:
ECA 250W Color Corrected Photo Lamp
Add to Order
Tri-Pod Platform 10"x14" Projector Platform:
Attach to your Tri-Pod
Add to Order
300XK Reduction Lens 300XK Reduction Lens:
Reduce the size of your original image 50%
Add to Order
300XK Replacement Lens 300XK Replacement Lens
Add to Order
Phone Orders are Welcome: USA Toll Free: 1-888-300-6645

Related Products

Extension Tube for the 300XK Projector
Extension Tube for the 300XK Projector
Your Price: $15.00
Increase the Image Enlargement of the 300XK Opaque Art Projector from 300% up to 600%. Attach this Extension Tube to your 300XK and project your 6" x 4" photo up to a massive 36" x 24" vertically down onto your table top.
Replacement Projector Lens
Replacement Lens Assembly for Kopykake Projectors
Your Price: $45.00
Replacement Lens Assembly for Kopykake Projector Models For K1000, KR100, 300XK and KD200.
300XK Projector Reduction Lens
300XK Projector Reduction Lens
Your Price: $20.00
Attaching this reduction lens to your standard lens assembly enables you to reduce the size of your original image to 50%.
Opaque Art Projector Platform 10"x14" - Attach to Your Tripod
Opaque Projector Platform - Attach to Tripod
Your Price: $20.00
Mount this platform to your camera tripod and rest your projector on it for stable horizontal projection and easy positioning.
Opaque Art Projector Baseboard
Opaque Art Projector Baseboard
Your Price: $25.00
Kopykake Opaque Art Projector Baseboard: 14" x 20" baseboard for use with 300XK, KR100 and K1000 projectors.
KOPYKAKE 300XK Opaque Image Art Projector w/ Baseboard
Opaque Image Projector 300XK with Baseboard. Scetch your Photos and Images Fast!
List Price: $225.00
Your Price: $212.00
Kopykake's 300XK offers outstanding value for money and is one of the most versatile and best selling opaque art drawing projectors ever produced.
ECA 250W Photo Lamp for the KD200, 300XK and K1000 Projectors.
Replacement Photo Lamps for the K1000, 300XK, and KD200
Your Price: $7.50
Project in true color with these color corrected lamps for your projectors.
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